Teresa Joan



I am Teresa 


I am a Certified Life Coach &

Certified Personal Trainer.
I created Fit & Feisty Over 50

with the Mission to

Empower Women midlife+

to  Transform their

Mind, Body & Lifestyle

through Personal Fitness. 

Life Coaching Empowers you

to make the changes

you need to transform

Every aspect of your life.

The most powerful transformation

is to become 

Fit Mentally & Physically

Then you will be Empowered

to create your

Best Life forward.


Get your Mind Empowered for Fitness Success

I created the Be Empowered for Fitness Success 

Coaching Program to Empower you to finally be successful at creating

the Fit & Active life you want. 

I remember thinking, as I approached midlife, 

all I had left to look forward to

was the rocking chair.

I was an accountant, sitting all day

in front of the computer,

getting rounder and rounder. 

My back and hips hurt and it was

hard to get up and down.

At one point,

I even had to use a cane to get around.

I knew in order to live the life I wanted,

I needed to do something BIG

to change the direction it was going.

So, I quit my desk job

and went back to school

to learn more about

Exercise, Health and Fitness.


I also went through

Certification training with the

National Academy of Sports Medicine

and became a

Certified Personal Trainer.


During this period, I lost the weight,

became more active and

Transformed my lifestyle

from Sedentary to Active.


The one thing I realized as

I went through my fitness journey


 I needed to get my mind right

in order to be successful in

getting my body right. 


My own Self-Defeating thoughts

were the biggest obstacle to making

the changes I wanted in my life.

After they were conquered,

everything else fell into place.

That is where Life Coaching came in for me.  

It helped me learn how to manage my thoughts

to get the results I wanted,

for My Best Body and Best Life!

Because of this, I decided to be trained as

a Life Coach so I can share what

I learned with other women my age.

As a Life Coach and a Personal Trainer

I have the combined tools to help you

be successful with personal fitness;

Mentally & Physically.

Click here to learn more about the

Be Empowered For Fitness Success

Coaching program to

Start your Personal Fitness Journey. 


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