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Being Personally Fit means different things to different people.

We all have different minds,

different bodies, and

different personal challenges.

Along with this, we are all at a different place

on this life journey.

For me,

Personal Fitness means Striving to Optimize my

Individual Health & Wellness and

My Overall Mind & Body "readiness" to live.

-It means Showing up as my Best Fit Self

in order to handle the life challenges in front of me.

-It means Working each day to

Protect, Preserve and Enhance

WHO I AM in Mind & Body.

We all have different materials to work with

but we can all take steps forward each day

toward our own Personal Fitness.

Think about what this means to You

and how You can go about getting More of it.

Then take the first steps forward.

Click here for a free FITNESS CONSULT

if you need help taking those First STEPS.

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It can be overwhelming when we think of all the changes we want to make in our lives and our bodies.

This can keep us stuck doing nothing at all.

But all we really need to do is figure out where we want to go

and then take one step each day to get there.

Some days, we may travel far..

other days may be shorter ...

we may even sit on a rock and meditate

before we move on...

but the important thing is that

We keep stepping forward on that path

and Never give up .

Everything good usually takes time and

the view at the end is worth it.

Where do you want to be in your Personal Fitness by the end of this year?

Decide what can you do TODAY to take one step forward.

Do it.

Rinse and repeat each day.

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Are you Harnessing Your Super Power?

Self-Confidence is focused on your ability to trust yourself to handle

uncertainty, change, growth, and anything that life offers.

Self-Confidence is a willingness to Trust yourself

to be able to experience the human journey completely.

Including the negative and uncomfortable feelings that show up along the way.

It is your overall opinion of Yourself and your ability to accept the Person you are.

It is you believing in yourself!

It is your Super- Power to achieve your Dreams.

Where do you land on the Self-Confidence scale? 1-10

Every once in a while I need to pause and do a Self-Confidence check by asking these questions and rate myself:

Do I trust myself to handle all the feelings and experiences

that come up each day?


All the feelings, all the embarrassment, rejection...failure?

Hmm....Or do I keep it nice and safe?

Do I accept and approve of myself?


Honestly, do I? Is this a Big 10? or a fat 2?

Do I truly believe I will follow through with my goals?


Do I even believe I can achieve them?

Am I willing to try new experiences and take risks?


Do I have a positive opinion of myself & my ability to figure things out?


Can I fail and still like myself?


When I add up my ratings the number is usually not as high as I would like..

IF that is the case, I do the work of asking myself these questions:

-Where would I like to be on the scale?

-How is my lack of Self-Confidence stopping me from

living the life I really want?

-What would I do if I had more self-confidence?

I like the last question the best because I get to brainstorm

what would be cool to do and realize that I am the one who has the

control over my dreams.

I have a Super-Power available, within me,

to believe in myself and go for it.

I have the control, I have the power.

I just need to harness it and use it.

Try the Self-Confidence check for yourself.

I have a worksheet if you would like to use it.

Of course, I have a worksheet for this because that is what I seem to do...

*I am a 10 on the "I trust myself to create a worksheet" scale.

Email me and I can send it to you or go to my FB Page:

Teresa Joan - Life Coach (it is in the Guides section)

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