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As I transformed my life from Super-Sedentary to Active,

I tried my best to cultivate a positive mental association with exercise rather than a negative one.

I knew that if I constantly used Will-Power to force rigorous, unpleasant workouts, I would not have the mental stamina or the Desire continue them for a lifetime.

My goal, was to create a long term lifestyle change, not a seasonal one.

Fitness challenges can be good but they are temporary unless they are a springboard to something permanent. I personally have found that I continue what I enjoy...and

I eventually stop what I don't. Period. So, for me it has been Priority One to keep the exercise experience positive.

For example, when I run I try to maintain a smile. I work myself hard,

but not so hard that I dread the next run.

I find the negative emotional association of dread,

is counter-productive to my long-term fitness goals.

This goes for any kind of training with me. I do resistance training because it helps me maintain my lean muscle & bone mass as I age. But I do this as a part of my daily life,

not as a workout designed to make me miserable.

The result for me has been that my body Now..

just Loves to move... It just does

- it did not before but NOW it does.


Because movement has proven to be an enjoyable experience and my brain remembers that.

For example, I did Burpees before bedtime the other night just for fun. Not because I had to, but because my brain was like:

“Hey Teresa, wouldn't it be cool to do Burpees?"

I also stand on a balance ball and lift weights in front of the TV because it is much more entertaining, to me, than sitting on the couch.

Don't buy that no pain, no gain mentality, if you are looking to be fit

for the rest of your life.

Practice Enjoying movement & exercise and it will soon be what you naturally want to do for a lifetime.

I went for a wonderful run today and

found myself contemplating human feelings.

I challenged myself to be brave and allow

the sucky feelings that I may have been avoiding,

...analyzing them as I ran with curiosity,

like an alien observer who was intrigued by this human-being ..

running and feeling emotion at the same time.

The funny thing was, once I brought the negative emotions into the light

and gave them their day...

they just floated away,

Like a helium balloon that showed its face at the party and then was released,

to slowly fade away into the blue sky.

It is interesting how when life doesn't go

as we planned or things get super sucky,

those of us who show up

"Emotionally Stoic"

are praised as being "Strong".

I believe the Opposite is Actually True.

It is very brave to face the bad feelings that come up in life.

We often ignore or distract ourselves somehow

to avoid the discomfort of the negative in life.

I usually like the bar of chocolate to offer

an easy distraction to the "icky, not so nice things that come up".

I tell myself "I just need a break" but that is a lie,

I am just afraid of the discomfort that might be released

if I allow those emotions to break my protective barrier.

But the thing is, negative emotions are like party balloons

when we try to hide them or push them under a surface ...

they just pop right back up and hang around

until we either push them back under or

are brave enough to invite them to the party...

Where eventually, the string will be let go and

they will float into the sky and

slowly fade away into the universe.

Be Strong and give your negative emotions their day.

It is what we humans were designed to do.

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Where is fitness on your priority list or has it even made the cut?

I remember a time when exercise and fitness were not even on my radar, let alone a priority.

I was juggling my career, family and all the business of life. Taking care of my body did not seem to be a real thing.

Now, I just don't understand where my brain was... fitness was a big blind spot for me.

Perhaps I just took my body for granted.

It was like the reliable car I kept in the driveway that always ran, even though it had french-fries and pop spilled all over it, it seemed to wake up each morning and stumble down the stairs for coffee each day.

Just like my car, the engine kept starting and that was enough for me. But...

We have had several cars throughout the years and we could trade them in when they got run down. Even so, we always put the best fuel into each car to protect our investment and we religiously scheduled oil changes, and maintenance.

But my body, the one I was issued at birth, with no trade-ins allowed...did not get as much consideration.

It got whatever fuel I could get on the run and the only exercise it got was moving from one activity or one chair to another.

Now though, my blind spot is gone, I see that this one body, is incredible and worthy of notice. It had always been there for me, now I need to be there for it. I cannot go to the dealership and pick out another one so... If I want to use it, to Live my best life forward, I need to move keeping it fit to the top of my priority list.

Without a body to live in, nothing else on my to do list will get done.

Pause and take note of how you are treating your body?

Become Aware of what you are putting into it and how often you are moving it....

Make its care top priority so you can show up as your Best FIT self to live your best life.

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