Love Your Body

When I worked in Corporate Accounting 

I gave little thought to my body.

I fueled it with Coffee and random snacks

to keep myself mentally alert for

a day of spreadsheets and meetings

My joints got rusty, my belly got big

and my back grew stiff.

At one point, I had to walk with a cane

just to get where I needed.


I thought I was just getting old.

But then, I wanted to do a walking

tour in England.

I was not ready for that physically.

I studied the Human Body

so I could get mine moving again.

I  got Certified as a Personal Trainer

so I knew how to take better care of it.


I was amazed at what an awesome machine

I was given to live in.

I had treated this machine like a junker

when it was actually a Mercedes!

I began to think of my body as a vehicle.

One that would enable me to do the things

I wanted in life.
My Body was designed for motion 

Not for sitting.

It needed care and quality food for fuel

not coffee and junk food.

Once I realized this,

my body got only the best fuel and the best care.


I even got certified as a Personal Trainer

so I knew how to take better care of it.

I actually ran a 1/2 marathon last fall.

My body is healthy, thin and active..

Because I changed my mind,

changed my thinking and

opened up my ming to the possibility

for something different!

You can too!