Mother's Day - Water your Flowers

My weeds can take care of themselves..

But my flowers need a lot of Attention.

We have many resilient weeds residing our gardens..

Our mental garden that is..

the one in our minds, cultivating our thoughts and

nurturing our emotions..

"It shouldn’t be this way" one of those weeds.

This phrase has the power to create a lot of suffering...

While you are already suffering enough.

I know this phrase well.

It is a weed in my mental garden.

One that can’t be uprooted.

It will always be there..

I have watched my beautiful grandson,

Sam, suffer each day for 15 years now..

He has a disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa.

The name is bad enough but also the disease is

marked by the daily pain it creates..

I used to water that phrase in my garden,

“It shouldn’t be this way”

And that is true - I shouldn’t.

Anyone who says otherwise has not lived it.

The “It shouldn’t “ though, has caused more

suffering than I would like.

We don’t need anymore of that in this family.

I have tried to find meaning in it,

To get some resolution to this weed “It shouldn’t ”

but it persists.

I prayed to a higher being

and attempted to reason a greater purpose

with no success..

The truth is, Sam should not have to suffer to live each day, but he does.

I have decided though, to leave the weed alone for now,

it is still there but.. I do not need to water it,

It survives fine on its own.

Instead, I will turn my focus to the flowers in my garden.

They need a lot of attention to grow and thrive.

They will get the water for now.

Connection, Joy and peace will be the flowers

I nurture and water today...

as I relax with Sam on the couch, rub his back

and perhaps watch Bigfoot Documentaries.

This will become my “grand” Mother’s Day Bouquet

and I will relish it!

This Mother’s Day weekend...

What weeds can you let be and

what flowers can you water?

You deserve some 🌸 flowers- Go for it!

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