Ms. Cheerleader Needs a Good Workout.

What Podcast is Playing in your mind?

I have noticed that there seems to be

Two very different podcasters

inside my head competing for my attention.

The first one is narrated by

Ms. Cheerleader -

She believes in me and knows I can accomplish great things.

Her podcast very positive and encouraging.

I am so motivated and energized

after listening to her.

Usually I am ready to accept new challenges and conquer the world.

The other podcast is narrated by

Ms. Critic-

She knows that I am flawed as a person and my efforts could never create anything worthwhile.

She thinks that I am not like other people,

I have something fundamentally wrong with me

And so...

Her sole mission is to make sure

I know it and will never forget it.

Quite often Ms.Critic tackles Ms. Cheerleader and takes over her show.

Not a VERY NICE gal but very determined!

I am so drained and totally unmotivated after listening to her.

Usually, I just want to give up and

stare into space for the rest of my life.

I think Ms. Cheerleader needs more exercise

so she can face Ms. Critic when she shows up at the station.

I have decided to give her a good workout every day.

Then she will be able to keep the podcast going even if

Ms. Critic tries to crash the show.

How about you? Who is running the narrative in your mind daily?

Ms. Cheerleader or Ms. Critic? Or someone else?

Check in with your brain and see what show is playing.

Coaching can help with this.

Click here for a free session to explore your narrative.

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